Les ScarboroughLes Scarborough has 30 years of business ownership experience and 10 years of experience as a public health microbiologist. He was co-owner of a medical manufacturing business that he ran in Dekalb County Georgia. The company, CARR-SCARBOROUGH MICROBIOLOGICALS, INC manufactured products used in the isolation and identification of human pathogenic bacteria and was sold in 1997. Mr. Scarborough holds an AB degree in Bacteriology from the University of Kansas (1958) and an MS in Preventive Medicine from the University of Iowa 1963.

His photography experience goes back to his military service in Korea. His family gave him a camera and asked him to take pictures so that they could learn something about the world where he was serving. From December 1953 to February 1955 he served as a combat medic with the U.S. Marine Corps. A few of his Korea era photographs still exist, but most were destroyed years ago in a flash flood.

A passion for photography has always been a part of the makeup of Les Scarborough. The ability to capture an idea, message, or moment to share with someone else has always fascinated him. Modern digital technology has made his ever-growing love of sharing fine art photography a reality.