Les Scarborough

"I took my first picture while in Korea in 1954 as a Navy Corpsman (combat medic) with the U.S. Marine Corps. My latest venture has been working with artists in a retirement community, Park Springs, in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I opened the CLOTHESLINE GALLERY in Stone Mountain Village in 2011. Then we moved to Scarborough Art Gallery in Tucker in 2015. We feature the works of the retirement community artists and my photography. A number of other artists are also featured. Our art can also be seen on our Fine Art America Gallery."

"My profession was in microbiology, both in Public Health and as a microbiology business owner for thirty years. My wife is also a Lab Tech/microbiologist, who worked with me, hand-in-hand, for those thirty years."

"My photography is simple, I don't photoshop; what I compose in the camera, with minor cropping and adjusting, combined with the artistry of printing, is what one finally sees. Fine Art America has provided the opportunity for me to submit my photographic artistry to the many ways it can be shared and appreciated."

--Les Scarborough

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